Hi am Aditi!

Hey, I’m Aditi. PCOS nutritionist to Kickass women, founder of Aditi Guha LLC, the Feel Fabulous with PCOS Community, and leader of the #prettyconfidentofself (my acronym for PCOS)

I help women with PCOS ditch diets, get more energy, lose weight, and make bigger IMPACT at home and work (of course that will happen coz no more brain fog, less time spent fighting cravings and more energy)

My Story!

Have you wondered how some people seem to be eating more than you and working out less and still losing weight? I spent a lot of my 20s wondering this

Here’s the truth.. before I became a  Nutritionist.  I was a hot mess.

It almost felt like EVERYONE was metabolically blessed OR

that they had hiding a SeCrEt weapon they were not tell us about

I felt soooo jealous of them.

I struggled to lose weight for 10 whole years

And it is only when I realized the REAL problem did I not only lose the weight but kept it off

The REAL secret to losing weight & Keeping it off is.

Having a diet that addresses the underlying hormonal imbalances (AKA ROOT CAUSES) that makes it hard for you to lose weight.

Once I learnt to eat for my ROOT Causes I not only lost the weight but I could KEEPT it OFF.

So much so that even a day before I delivered my son, I was lighter than me at my highest weight!!!

This is the same principle that allowed me to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight in 4 weeks

Understanding & solving for hormonal imbalance is what I do with my 1:1 clients.

This is what give them massive momentum in their weight loss journey so that they feel energetic, better mood and the freedom to conceive whenever they want to.

Results I have helped achieve

Hear out what my clients say about me.

Lost 10 pounds and maintaining.
Aditi is the best nutritionist that I have come across so far. I have seen results from the first fortnight after joining the program. What makes her different from others is her effort in understanding...
Lost 19 pounds!
Simple changes led to major shifts. She’s been my go-to since we started working together and we’ve had some ups and downs on the journey - either work related or personal stuff but Aditi always managed to motivate me.
Business Head
Lost 30 pounds, clearer skin and more energy
Have lost 30 pounds, have more energy and less cravings. Acne cleared up and skin has more vibrancy. Now I'm in love with my body and my eczema has also healed.
Aira Solomon

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