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Aditi Guha

My mission is to help women with PCOS lose weight and / or conceive while feeling empowered in their body by understanding the underlying hormonal imbalance.
Are you ready to take charge of your PCOS?

of women with PCOS get diabetes
1 %
of women with PCOS struggle with infertility
1 %
of women with PCOS deal with stubborn weight issue
1 %



The most common advice from doctors on treating PCOS is ‘to lose weight’. However, losing weight or conceiving naturally is not easy for women with PCOS.

In fact, almost every single ‘weight loss technique’ actually makes things worse for women with PCOS – Crash dieting, Calorie tracking, Ketogenic diets, Intermittent fasting, HIIT training. None of these can help you lose weight or conceive. 

That’s because PCOS is a manifestation of hormonal imbalance.You need to decode the unique root cause for your hormonal imbalance before you can solve for it. Without the right diagnosis and tools, women with PCOS continue to feel disappointed and dejected with their body.

Results I have helped achieve

Hear out what my clients say about me.

Lost 10 pounds and maintaining.
Aditi is the best nutritionist that I have come across so far. I have seen results from the first fortnight after joining the program. What makes her different from others is her effort in understanding...
Lost 19 pounds!
Simple changes led to major shifts. She’s been my go-to since we started working together and we’ve had some ups and downs on the journey - either work related or personal stuff but Aditi always managed to motivate me.
Business Head
Lost 30 pounds, clearer skin and more energy
Have lost 30 pounds, have more energy and less cravings. Acne cleared up and skin has more vibrancy. Now I'm in love with my body and my eczema has also healed.
Aira Solomon


I started out as a weight loss nutritionist mainly working with corporations (running their health agenda). I saw most people thrive and lose weight through my program except for one group – women with PCOS.

I had two options: either avoid working with them or figure out what works for them. As you can see, I went with the latter

I help women with PCOS achieve weight loss and fertility by identifying their hormonal root causes.

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